The Hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, 20:00 hrs

Author compositions by prof. Goceta Kolarovski

Goce Kolarovski (1959-2006) was a renown macedonian composer, scientist and a musician, long-term professor and a Dean at the Faculty of music at Ss Cyril and methodius University in Skopje. He received his education on composing at the Faculty of music in Skopje in the class of Vlastimir nikolovski where he became the first master of the composition. A special impact on his development was a specialisation at the State Conservatory „n.A.rimsky-Korsakov“ in Sankt peterburgh in the class of a famous composer and educationalist Sergey m. Sloan. As a professor at the Faculty of music in Skopje, goce Kolarovski founded one of the most prominent classes for composition in the history of this institution, and numerous students that have graduated there are nowadays distinguished creators, educationalists, organizers of the music life in macedonia and abroad. goce Kolarovski was the founder and the lecturer at several schools and master classes of composition in macedonia and a visiting professor at universities abroad. especially successful and fruitful was the cooperation with the University of niš where Kolarovski was engaged at the Faculty of Fine Arts as the professor of music and theory as well as a mentor of graduate studies. The opus of goce Kolarovski is highly based on national sources and at the same time it includes contemporary trends of the world artitic music – rational techniques of composing, quotations and style allusions, maximally concentrated expression. His symphony music, chamber pieces for different ensembles and solo compositions have been successfully performed at the concerts and festivals in macedonia and elsewhere, always having a tremendous impact by its deep thoughts, emotions and mastery of composition. The concert programme planned for celebrating 60 years of his birth is devided into three thematic blocks. The first one, SOUrCeS, consists of the pieces based on national tradition (ezgiya) or composed during the first period of creating (Sonata for the piano). The second one, BeLLS is the piece that creates the sound of evening bells – composer`s longterm inspiration. The direct reflection of this is the prelude Night bells where allusion of bells is intervolved by two vocal cycles that express his another creative preocupation: haiku poetry which is at the same time the symbol of concentration to the sense and meaning. The last block, SOrrOW FOr THe nOrTH consists of the pieces related to Leningrad/Sankt peterburgh: Scenes and Leningrad sonata, as well as his last work called Allusion on 1906 which was composed in 2006.


„Сам - езгија“ за флауту (1997) / Flute Sam (1997)
солиста: Јелена Јаковљевић (флаута) /
soloist: Jelena Jakovljevic (flute)
Соната за клавир (1984) / piano Sonata (1984)
Andantino. Animato
Toccata. Presto
солиста: никола Цветковић (клавир) /
soloist: nikola Cvetković (piano)
„четири пролећна магновења“ - стихови од Мацуа Баше (2002) /
“Four Spring magnitudes” - lyrics by macu Basha (2002)
„Пролећна ноћ“ / “Spring night”
„Испод мог крова“ / “Under my roof”
„Боже на овој планини“ / “god on this mountain”
„Пролећно јутро“ / “Spring morning”
солиста: Сашa арсенков (тенор) / soloist: Sasha Arsenkov (tenor)
никола Цветковић (клавир) / nikola Cvetković (piano)
„вечерње звоно“ - прелудијум за клавир (1992) / „evening Bell“ -
prelude to the piano (1992)
солиста: Ива Дамјановски (клавир) / soloist: iva Damjanovski (piano)
„четири снежна магновења“ - стихови Мацуа Баше (2003) /
“Four Snow magnitudes” - verses by macau Basha (2003)
„Изађимо напоље“ / “Let’s go out”
„Први снег“ / “First Snow”
„Гавран“ / “The raven”
„Упали ватру“ / “Light a fire”
солиста: Гонца Богоромова-Краповски (сопран) / gonca
Bogoromova-Krapovski (soprano)
Марија вршкова (клавир) / marija Vrškova (piano)
„Сцене“ за клавир (1987) / piano Scenes (1987)
солиста: Ива Дамјановски (клавир) / soloist: Iva Damjanovski (piano)
Соната за виолину и клавир „Лењинградска“ (1988) /
Sonata for violin and piano “Leningrad” (1988)
солиста: владимир Костов (виолина) /
soloist: Vladimir Kostov (violin)
Марија вршкова (клавир) / marija Vrškova (piano)
„алузија на 1906“ за клавир (2006) /
“Allusion to 1906” for piano (2006)
солиста: Марија вршкова (клавир) / soloist: marija Vrškova (piano)