The Hall of the Cultural Centar of Niš, 20:00 hrs

Piero Romano

Piero Romano is a very active artist and organizer, since his youth he stood out winning national and international competitions. He has performed as pianist and as conductor in various italian cities (Rome, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Turin, Mdena, Cagliari, etc.) and abroad (in north America, South America, Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland , China, romania, Turkey, Serbia, montenegro). He has collaborated with many international orchestras and with prestigious soloists: ilya grubert, pierre Amoyal, gregory porter, Sergey Krylov, Aldo Ciccolini, Stefano Bollani, roberto Cappello, Luis Bacalov, Katia ricciarelli, Serena Autieri, Sergej Krylov, noa, Luigi piovano, ray Chen, Tony Hadley. He has recorded music by gervasio, poulenc, rota, Lord Berner’s, Walton, Frank, mozart, Bacalov, Shostakovich. He is professor in “practice and piano reading”, and “Legislation, Law and Organization of Live performance” at the Conservatory of music “e.r. Duni” in matera. He held the position of Artistic Director of the lyric season of the municipality of Taranto and he is a music consultant for many italian associations and festivals. From 2014 to 2017 he was Director of the Conservatory of music “e.r. Duni” in matera. Since 1992 he has been the Artistic Director of the iCO Orchestra of magna grecia. He was awarded with the honorary title of “Cavaliere della repubblica” by The president of the italian republic Sergio mattarella on June 2, 2018.

Ајако Фуџики

Ayako Fujiki - pianist & composer Virtuosic Japanese pianist, pupil of Alicia de Larrocha and specialist in Spanish music. Collaborates with top level musicians. “Brightwater”, 1st album of her original pieces released in 2016. She composes her own music, incorporating classical and electronic music techniques. Born in Tokyo, Ayako Fujiki started playing the piano as a young child and performed her first concert at age seven, playing Beethoven and Chopin. She has been performing in various international music festivals and im- portant halls in Japan, Spain, UK, Austria, Switzerland, italy, Colombia and Bulgaria. Ayako has developed her skill with one of the greatest pianists of 20th century, Alicia de Larrocha (also the 1st Spanish artist to win the UneSCO prize) and widow of igor marchevich, Carlota garriga at the marshall Academy, Barcelona, specializing in Spanish music also, with Carmen Bravo mompou, specializing also in the compositions of Frederic mompou, with Jan Wijn at the Amsterdam Conservatory, Holland, with Chung Lee at graz University, Austria, with narcis Bonet at the L’ecole normale du paris, France, with irina Ossipova, moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, with Christopher elton, royal Academy of music, London, and many other major Japanese pianists including naoko matsuno and momoyo nakai. in 2005, she was honored with the diploma “Specialization in Spanish music”. in 2007, she was awarded title of “master of Spanish music”. She was Finalist in the international piano Competition, Vienna. She has played as a soloist, Chopin piano Concerto with the orchestra formed by The Symphony Orchestra of the gran Teatre del Liceu members. in 2016, she was invited by the music festival “41th Winter music evenings” in Bulgaria to perform Schumann Concert in A minor and had the privilege of working with such a distin- guished director Sir palikarov and with the pazardjik Symphony Orchestra in Bulgaria. This concert was broadcasted on the national radio of Sofia. in same 2016, She played Schumann concert with Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra in Sant Cugat concert hall and in La massa Theatre (designed by guastavino, an Va- lencia’s architect who designed new york Central Station) to celebrate 25th anniversary of the orchestra. Also she has played manuel de Falla’s Cembalo Concert using the very Cembalo which manuel de Falla used when composing, as well as padre Soler manuscript Quintets with Classic Barcelona. She has released several recordings like “Franz Schubert” and “españa - Amor y Odio”. in 2010, released the solo piano Suite “gOyeSCAS - los majos enamorados -” composed by Spanish Composer enrique granados which is famous as one of the most difficult piano suites, she has recorded it as a posthumous memorial of her professor Alicia de Larrocha. Also some of her recordings were selected for documentary of Spanish poet “Carlos Barral” soundtrack – broadcasted by both Spanish national TV, TVe and TV3. As a composer, her composition premiered in palau de la música Catalana. Ayako has composed orches- trated pieces with piano and a variety of other instruments for films, advertising and documentaries, she released her first original album “Brightwater” in 2015 which she played by herself. The pieces comprise of solo piano, two piano and a trio of piano, violin and cello, has recorded it entirely in Barcelona, with the invaluable participation of two great musicians: the violinist “Cristian Chivu,” the concertmaster of the OBC (Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona y nacional de Cataluña), and the cellist “Cristoforo pestalozzi”, the lead cellist in the Symphony Orchestra of the gran Teatre del Liceu.


Едвард Григ / Edward Grig
Концерт за клавир и оркестар, оп.16 / piano and Orchestra Concert,
- Allegro molto moderato
- Adagio
- Allegro moderato molto e marcato
Едвард Григ / Edward Grig
Пер Гинт Свита / peer gynt Suite
Свита Бр. 1 / Suite no. 1
- Јутро / morning mood
- осина смрт / Death of Ase
- анитин плес / Anitra’s dance
- У сали планинског краља / in the hall of the mountain king
Свита Бр. 2 / Suite no. 2
- отмица невесте. Ингридина жалопојка /
The Abduction of the Bride, ingrid’s Lament
- арапски плес / Arabian Dance
- Пер Гинтов дочек, олујна ноћ на мору /
peer gynt’s Homecoming, Stormy evening on the Sea
Солвегина песма / Solveig’s Song